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The Misunderstood Modern Girl: Some controversies around

There was a post I wrote in 2014, that I have generally been encountered with such opinions that modernity is often seen as the symbol of “Evil” since my childhood. 

It was silently being taught in schools, in generations that how to be a good woman. Being obedient, cultural and old meant good, and pure. People reject the simple evolution.

 It is understood that human goes through transitions. Sticking to same primitive ideologies would harm the mankind collectively. This is observant, however to observe is an art which can’t be expected out of the crowd.
I am being sarcastic because, these are the books in schools, which are writing against modern women, as Quoted in The Hindu while school went through the controversy. Some parents reacted to the definition, but to my regret schools did admit the book of the author into curriculum and have been teaching for long.
Even if the CBSE has urged now after parents reacted to it that private books will be scrutinized . However, the question is, writers are supposed to bring revolution and better version of societies for progress. Our country has produced great writers like Rabindranath Tagore, Munshi Prem Chandra, who advocated the about the human right.
The author who wrote essay on modern woman is Purabi Chakroborty, and the author described the modern girl as self-centered creature than a loving daughter or sympathetic sister. The modern girl loves to wear jeans, pants and hot pants. The colorful sari has no place in modern girls’ stock of garments.

She is eager to enjoy life fully and so she does not want to miss any party, show, concert, fashion parades and such outdoor activities.
She talks, makes relationship with boys freely and easily. The modern girl is conscious about her health and figure and she  has no time to look after her family members.
How narrow definition of ‘a modern women is kept, ignoring the most successful examples like Chanda Kochher, Aundhati Bhattacharya, and so on. Wearing Sari or jeans does not make one good or modern- it is the brain initially not appearance. So the narrow perspective of less understanderstaing of modernity is visible everywhere.
India is not what people see in luxurious movies. School was in Banglore, it is a city, may be that is why some parents reacted to it. But there are still more than 80 percent of total population who follow such traditional thoughts. They follow the same perception. Wearing jeans itself make a woman equal to the girl who has to sell the body under some circumstances. How rude is it to compare someone to another? Dresses are worn  for comfort.
Second, modern women is not heartless, she loves without fear. She can fight with the world, and perhaps convince them with the wisdom she holds. She can take care of entire family without having husband around. It does not mean that she is unfaithful or disloyal or unloving- It is just that she is good at managing her life.
Seriously, I don’t believe this is 21st century and people are not willing to accept that they are in it. They are living intellectually thousands of years back- where such primitive writers climb to the prominence are included into reading.
India has huge gender gap, where women are deprived of basic right like- to get education, to dress, to eat, to be married according to their wish, to decide a life for themselves, and to use even internet. They have been treated like commodities that parents are the owner initially and later on the husband.
If this definition of modern woman roams in the society, we will never be able to achieve sustainable development goal by 2030, where gender equality has to be achieved.