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The Flood : How can a country prevent such situations?

Floods bring chaos so other natural calamities. In recent times various states faced flood situations one after another. In general scenario there is certain lessons which have to be learnt by the government and citizens as will to prevent such situations. 

 Impacts of Flood
  Flood brings chaos to human settlement, the livestock also goes dead often as human life struggles to survive itself. The huge economic burden also increases in two aspects first; - it ruins the basic infrastructure and services. Second, in the already gone area there is a need for huge investment to rebuild the infrastructure, entire city or even state.  
 The blame often comes to the government, filling of lakes, unplanned urban structure which is partially true. However, one important piece of information is always neglected, that is the dam. The big huge water reservoir and these dams they often cause these severe calamities.

If one wants to understand how dams impact on flood, in detail they can read this article-

What can be done? 
The climate has been changing constantly, and people need to be aware that such incidents will be on rise. In the way to provide the solution, there are scientific rules to be followed –  
    1-      The policy makers and communities everyone should be involved into better forest management, controlling runoffs by creating small of underground reservoir, protecting wetlands and detention basins to bypass the excess water are also mandatory. 
    2-      Flood Embankment (which includes structures like dykes); using higher technologies like waterproof walls etc. should also be considered. 
    3-      Satellite like ICARUS can be breakthrough in learning about natural disasters, so collaborating with updated scientific communities is a must step.
4-      People’s capacity building- there can be promoted workshops in schools, through NGO’s who can help in how to deal with such situations.
5-      High alerts techniques should be installed so that people stay ready with essential medicines, sanitary napkins in advance in the time period of ‘flood to be happen’ 
What does environmentalist say?

It can be into way parts-

1-mitigation – through capacity building, like mentioned earlier in the article, such events can be reduced to a certain extent. However, it cannot be that these things would not happen, it is natural to happen. Government at front can listen to environmentalists that high length dams are not progressive or beneficial economically. They are harmful in long way.

2- Preparation—it contains the pre- impact alert. Like National Disaster Response Team is ready for such havoc, but when entire state is under grip of such situations, there comes alert before it gets worse.

3. Response – It come when the event happens and a situation of emergency arises, like in Kerala floods- people were not having sanitary napkins, and undergarments and basic essential things.

4- Recovery – the last part is for reconstruction, which takes a lot of time and resources.

 One after another incidence occurs, and this is high time that government and people both understand the importance of climate, and natural resources. Policy makers should also include environmentalist to understand threats and problems while achieving economic development.