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Macedonia - Greece Dispute- Is it just the name worth fighting for?

The Dispute 

How much importance does a name hold? When it comes to the history and border, it may be holding a lot of importance that's is where the beginning of the Greece and Macedonia dispute occurs. 
Greece and Macedonia in World Map

Since the formation of Macedonia in 1991, there has been a dispute over the name Macedonia as Greece was not much pleased with the name. Though, the name Macedonia was recognized by United Nations. 

A look Back- The word Macedonia comes from Greece word for the name of the people who inhabited the land. That meant people who lived a high altitudes or high lands or at hilly area. As this is shown in the image-

So, the name itself is more geographical in nature as it covers Republic of Macedonia and Greece both.

The Republic of Macedonia came into being in 1991, when it separated from Yugoslavia. 

A Series of Events and the End
Before 1991, the region was called as Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia. Greece objected the name as it already has geographical region of the similar identity.
Greece holds the historical significant of the Macedonian region as it was the birthplace of Alexander- the great.
Greece even felt more worried when the Republic of Macedonia opened an airport in the name of Alexander the great.

It is confusing national identity, as Macedonians also consider themselves as Macedonian (geographically).
Greece was so furious with the name that for two years, it did not recognize its neighbor as a new country.
Macedonia is land locked country and it uses Greece’s border for supplies, so eventually Greece has to recognize the country, The relations grew better and after 27 years it was agreed that Macedonia will be known as The Republic of North Macedonia.
However, the Nationalist are still fighting that it is the matter of national identities, the protests are going on. 
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