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The Call for a National Code of Conduct

Criminals in Politics
Politicians are the people who regulate and make laws in Parliamentary types of democracy. The problem arises when these lawmakers themselves are from criminal background.  The cost of corrupt system is higher. Poorest countries are being led by corrupt officials and that costs the world one trillion dollar. 

The money could not be retained by the developing nations as due to corrupt and criminals into system there remains a silent support to money launders, tax evaders etc. Criminal politicians misused their powers in countries and people stop believing in system – that again is not a healthy indication for society.
When it comes to criminals, India holds significant number of legislators, lawmakers and politicians who have severe charges of crime against them.
Across India there is a well developed Nexus between crime and politics.  One- Third of the national legislators face at least one ongoing criminal case.  There are various Politicians who have severe charges like kidnapping, attempted murder, banditry, rape etc.  In states politicians are even given charges of Prison Ministry, so it is evident that what happens when criminals join the politics.
A look back to trace
The association between crime and electoral politics dates back to the early pre - independence years when political parties would strike deals with strongmen or goondas.
Gradually criminals started moving to centre stage instead of working for politicians they started joining the politics.
In 1984, reports suggest around 8 percent of UP state – level politicians faced severe charges while that time people were scared to complaint. In 2010, the criminal politician’s share increased more than 5 times. 
The Reason
People often find it rational to vote for criminal politicians due to fear and for their selfish motives.
The rule of law is weak and social divisions as caste, ethnicity, and religious differences  run deep. Candidates use their crimes as honor and being brave against other communities sometimes, these criminals are even seen as heroes because they commit crime against the different community which helps them in getting popularity and votes.
The benefits  of being with these strongmen are far more higher than the support received from the government or from the law enforcement agencies. 

Laws, Constitutional Provision and Politicians
Under the RPA or Representation of the People Act, convicted lawmakers are disqualified not accused ones.  The court interprets the law,  makes the law. Being criminals in the Parliament .
These Parliamentarians have right to make laws under Article 102(1)(e) , while court can ask Parliament  to make the law.
The Indian Supreme Court has also given its verdict on criminals joining the politics that Parliament should frame laws barring candidates accused of crimes from contesting election.
Political parties have to display the criminal record of candidates who contest on their ticket on their official website. 
Parties should also issue a declaration on the criminal antecedents of their candidates in a widely circulated publication.
To facilitate the transparency by the political parties, candidates should first give complete information about their criminal  past or pending cases to political parties on whose ticket they intend to contest elections. This will give voters an informed choice and to protect culture and purity of politics. 
There is an urgent need to clean the politics and act against criminals because criminals are liability  on the country and proven to be regressive. The regret is that the number of criminals joining the politics has been growing. Supreme court has refused to legislate and add a disqualification as law making body in India in not the Supreme court but the Parliament. 
The bill related to setting up speedy courts for trials for MPS and MLAs was introduced which was heavily opposed by the National Party which is not in rule. They advocated that MPs also have a right to get justice like normal citizen. Politicians would play such obstacle as most of the politicians are somewhere connected too goons and to their support.