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Sangai Festival of Manipur

Sangai festival is the grandest festival of the Manipur State. The interesting fact about the festival is that it is in the name of the sate animal Sangai deer which is an endangered species. This animal is found only in Manipur; however, the reason behind the celebration is to promote tourism.

It was started in 2010 and gradually has grown big to showcase its rich traditions and culture of the world. 
Sangai Deer

Therefore, it is organized by the tourism ministry of the Manipur. The festival is organized every year from November 21 to 30.   

The First Time Game

The Sumo Wrestling has been showcased for the first time and Japan sent Sumos for showcasing their talents. So basically, in 2018 a new talent has been introduced in Sangai Festival of Manipur State. 

There are other activities which are included since 2010, and some of them are -
Sangai Run

The event of the Sangai Run was also started from the Khuman Lampak Sports Complex.

Art of the Tribes

Manipur has various tribes, and tribes are known for their rich art and tribal culture. The festival shows the rich part of the various tribes inhabiting the states. The Naga tribe is one among the prominent tribe of the Manipur.  A picture of the tribe in traditional attire is given below- 

Rasleela- The classical Dance

On the occasion of the festival, the classical dance of the state is also performed along with Bamboo Dance, Maibi Dance, Kabui Naga Dance, Lai Haraoba Dance and Khamba Thoibi Dance etc. 

Martial Arts

Thang Ta is an artistic combination of spear and sword skills which is also performed during the Sangai Festival. 
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