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What You Can Do to Support Persons with Disabilities on December 3

As we work to recover from COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that we increase awareness around disability inclusion. The theme for the year 2022's International Day of Persons with Disabilities was "Transformative Solutions to Health for All".

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This theme lies at the core of the 2030 Agenda's promise not to leave anyone behind and its goal of inclusive development as an avenue toward sustainable progress.

Celebrating the Rights and Well-being of Persons with Disabilities on December 3

As we mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities, let us recognize and celebrate the gains made towards disability inclusion across the globe - but also keep in mind that creating an accessible future requires further work.

Disabled people still face significant barriers to employment worldwide and, even when employed, typically earn significantly less than non-disabled counterparts - particularly female employees with disabilities. Furthermore, their poverty rates are three to five times higher than their non-disabled peers, placing them at greater risk of violence, exploitation and abuse.

People with disabilities are the most marginalized group worldwide due to a combination of factors including discrimination, social stigma and the absence of accessible services. That is why it is essential that governments invest in inclusive strategies which incorporate input from persons living with disabilities themselves.

The international community must uphold the human rights of persons with disabilities and ensure they can enjoy full participation in society and reap its benefits, such as socio-economic development. This can be accomplished by creating accessible infrastructure, policies and services. Furthermore, employers should hire qualified people with disabilities that receive training to excel in their chosen careers.

One of the best ways to support disabled employees is by cultivating a culture of inclusion. This can be accomplished by making sure the workplace is accessible for all and offering accommodations when necessary, and providing education on disability issues to raise public awareness and encourage them to support disabled employees.

Education of staff about disability awareness, as well as making sure all forms of communication are accessible for persons with disabilities, are among the many strategies employed to ensure disability inclusivity in the workplace. Establishing an emergency preparedness plan with medical and assistive device lists can further promote disability inclusion within an organisation.

Hospitals can partner with local disability advocacy groups, centers for independent living and Americans with Disabilities Act regional offices to identify obstacles and create solutions. Furthermore, hospitals may host internal and external events focused on disability issues like community forums.

Finally, hospitals can take part in International Day of Persons with Disabilities by hosting various events, including accessibility tours and demonstrations as well as presentations by those living with disability. They can use their websites and social media platforms to publicize these events and draw audiences with disabilities in. They can recruit volunteers to host these events while making sure all are accessible; in addition, customer service representatives and others in the organization should receive training on disability inclusion in the workplace.

How to Join the Global Movement for Disability Inclusion on International Day of Persons with Disabilities

International Day of Persons with Disabilities places great emphasis on protecting and improving the rights and wellbeing of those living with disabilities, but also serves as an invitation to all individuals and business leaders worldwide to join a global movement toward disability inclusion.

Celebrate Disability Day around the globe through various activities that focus on disability issues or advocate for full participation of persons with disabilities in every aspect of society and development. While some activities aim to be entertaining or educational, their main goal should be showing non-disabled people that people with disabilities can be successful and flourish in life.

Theater performances featuring actors portraying persons with disabilities can bring communities together and serve as an effective platform for discussion. Another popular activity involves organizing art exhibitions showcasing the artistic talents of persons with disabilities in community centers or professional galleries, with proceeds returning directly to artists.

Not all disabilities are visible; so if you know of someone with an invisible condition but suspect something may be amiss, make sure you ask about how they are doing. As more knowledge about disabilities develops, so will our ability to assist people overcome them.

Individuals and businesses alike can join the global effort towards disability inclusion by supporting implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These global targets aim to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all by 2030 - and one of these 17 SDGs includes accessibility as an element that ensures all people realize these objectives, including persons living with disabilities.

As part of its efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, the United States is strengthening its global commitment to disability inclusion through Sara Minkara, Special Advisor on International Disability Policy at the Department of State. She leads these efforts by providing expertise and resources to governments, organizations, and private sector entities worldwide.

"Accessibility Matters" offers easily understood guidance for making products and services more accessible for people living with disabilities. Available on YouTube with closed captioning for maximum accessibility for viewers with hearing or vision limitations, these videos also showcase NDEAM's dedication to building an inclusive workplace culture; we join PurpleSpace in their #PurpleLightUp campaign that acknowledges disabled workers make a valuable economic contribution while we collaborate closely with clients, the disability community and other partners to advance Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Take Action

One of the best ways to show your support for people with disabilities is to take action yourself. This may mean learning how to communicate with those living with disabilities or hosting an educational workshop for your colleagues and staff - these sessions can help remove barriers preventing people with disabilities from participating fully in society, both inside and outside of work.

Advocating for disability inclusion in your community or workplace is also key, such as speaking with local politicians or writing an opinion piece for a newspaper; you could even contact companies you interact with directly to ensure their services are accessible; alternatively, take a close look at your policies and practices to see how they could be modified for people living with disabilities.

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities offers us an important opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the contributions that people with disabilities make to society. Through advocacy work, disability inclusion movements seek to address discrimination, marginalization and exclusion many persons with disabilities face; creating an equitable world where all have equal opportunities to lead fulfilling lives is their goal.

People with disabilities face numerous hurdles to full participation in society, from housing and transport costs to employment and education needs. We must all do what we can to remove these impediments to full disability inclusion and foster fuller participation from people with disabilities.

Your action could involve encouraging colleagues and friends to speak out on disability inclusion by writing letters or emails to local politicians or company representatives, hosting all-abilities movie nights or hosting inclusive sports like sitting volleyball as events that promote awareness of disability issues in their workplace or community.

Gale eBooks offers numerous resources that can help introduce people new to disability to its topic, with books that outline various kinds of disabilities in an accessible manner and highlight how they impact people's everyday lives.

Finally, you can help to raise awareness by making donations to charities supporting people with disabilities, revising discrimination policies and improving ADA compliance or making public statements that increase inclusion for persons with disabilities. All these actions will go a long way towards making the world more welcoming of persons with disabilities - just make sure you continue supporting disabled communities throughout the year and not just on one day; only then can they feel welcome and included within communities - more inclusive world is better world!

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