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Will 2019 bring more natural calamities?

Individuals need to realise that the protecting the environment remains the ‘moral responsibility’
The Changing world 

Every Year, the new data arrives, and every year becomes the warmest year. The warming of the Earth is visible everywhere from the impact on the crop- food to the temperature of seasons. 
Source- World Economic Forum

There have been reports that climate change is impacting on everything- including the Ocean food Source.
The Population of insects has been drastically reducing, which feeds many other species.
According to the Biological Conservation- Scientists say humans are changing the world so much. Insects could become extinct within 100 years. 
Source- World Economic Forum

And it has been estimated that the global mass of insects is dropping by 2.5 percent every year.
The reason for losing the insect population is – use of pesticides. 

When construction is done for building cities and farm- the entire insect’s population is wiped out from the area, that threatens thousands of species which are dependent on them.
In 2018, there were extreme weather events which brought a huge economic and social burden.

The Constant Warning

There have been constant reports, for example- IPCC (Intergovernmental Penal on Climate Change) published a special report on the impacts of Global Warming at 1.5 Degree C. In the report we were given just 12 years to act of dangerous climate change is to be avoided. 

The Glaciers have been melting due to warming, and that is visible. Glaciers melting will rise the sea level as well will release the unknown bacteria and huge source of carbon hidden beneath the glaciers. 

There have been rise in the wildfire, which impacts on human- animal- forests and livestock.

Polar bears and other species have been facing hunger, and due to which they have shifted towards Russian village. That declared a state of emergency in Russia.

Hurricane Harvey’s price tag topped $125 billion, according to NOAA. Hurricanes Irma ($64-92 billion) and Maria ($40-80 billion) reduced much of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Caribbean to ruins. And of course, these numbers only tell part of the story. The humanitarian impact is incalculable.

The data has different number for different countries. India, Bangladesh, Chile and Indonesia are the some of the names which also lost in billions due to disasters.  

These all events are somewhere connected to the human- and his ignorance towards the natural world. 

Do we have solution?

There are solutions which exist, however the lethargic attitude in implementation is certainly deserves criticism.

Involvement of technology is must

Disaster Management through technologies aims to reduce the negative impacts of natural calamities and safeguarding the interest of people. 

Effective monitoring of disasters is a global challenge, and detailed information about disasters is unavailable and the available information remains un-managed. 
That big information often does not help in getting the conclusions 

Impacts of technologies like Big Data and Machine Learning

Big data is a big and complex data sets that cannot be executed by simple application. Data sets grow daily and Big data methods can help in maintaining and predicting the data. 
Same way artificial intelligence or machine learning is intelligence demonstrated by machines.

New technologies like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can execute information with more accuracy than human mind. It can store big amount of data as well as can analyse it.
Integration of data base will be easier, and processing from information will be easier.

Security issues must be considered as there may be chances of data tempering from some online enemies of the nation.
Don't Ignore- Know More!

The Inclusion of Social Media
Some of the most useful data generated during a crisis comes from social media users and on-the-ground aid workers. Images and comments from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, for example, can help experts make initial damage assessments. This information can also help rescue workers find disaster victims more quickly, while identifying and mapping new disaster sites in need of aid.

Finally, combining data from satellite imagery, seismometers, with location-tagged social media comments can help relief organizations to provide early warnings and verify reports in real-time.
Identifying the population hotspot will be a lot easier with the help of technologies.

Governments and relief agencies are beginning to use these tools to coordinate better disaster relief programs. For example, large-scale behaviour and movement data, run through predictive machine learning models, can help officials distribute supplies to where people are going, rather than where they were.

Building Leadership on Climate Change

The government alone cannot tackle the challenge of Climate change.  There is a need to build leadership among the youth- the innovation is the need of the hour. The technological design of the products should help in warming less than 1.5 Degree Celsius.

Scientists are calling for artificial trees to fight climate change
The researchers from German Scientist suggest that artificial photosynthesis could help. However, it can be too costly to be practical.

Individual’s Duty

Individuals can contribute a lot towards greener world. They need to adopt greener lifestyle.
Individual has to come out from the tendency of ‘it will not make a difference if I do it alone”. Everyone has to stop using plastic and go for more greener vehicles. 

When every citizen is responsible, collectively better actions to tackle the climate change will generate. 

Individuals need to realise that the protecting the environment remains the ‘moral responsibility’. Individual needs to be demanding from governments and corporates to go forward towards the tackling the climate change. 

They need to reject the product which hurts the climate more, and accept the product which supports in tackling the climate change. 

Individual needs to be responsible as in the end every politician, policymaker or business person is an individual.
Therefore, individuals are the key to tackle the climate change.
Individuals need to count their foot print on the climate, and they need to put pressure on governments to increase the speed to tackle the climate change.

Misconception about Global Warming

The temperature of the earth is rising constantly, but that does not indicate that everywhere there has to be hotter days at the same time. 

The Global warming is always related to temperature, as most of the people think, but it is more than rising temperature- Global warming and climate change are associated with drought, more intense storm, ocean acidification, food shortage etc. 

Some researchers during 1970’s predicted that the earth was cooling, but a dominant percentage of the scientists at that time was against it.
The satellite data has evidence that temperature is on the rise, while some people prone to deny it. 

The global warming has been human induced, as according to the data, ocean has been major source of global warming, but that was in balance with nature as land has forests.
Since human build civilization, more CO2 was released in the atmosphere and due to rise in temperature, now there is more water in the atmosphere – that again leads to more catastrophic events.

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