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COVID-19 lock-down increased the domestic violence against women.

The world has been facing the lock-down due to fight against the COVID 19, and shockingly the domestic violence across the world against woman have increased. Governments all over the world are receiving more and more calls for help, as victims of domestic violence fear for their own and for their children’s health and well-being.

Significantly, China, France, the U.K and other countries including India has seen the rise in woman abuse cases. The violence has increased globally.

The current atmosphere of fear, uncertainty, food insecurity, and unemployment may create feelings of inadequacy in men.
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 All these factors are only likely to aggravate tensions at home and make women victims of those tensions.
Due to regressive social norms, woman lack of access to friends, family and support organisations is expected to aggravate the situation for abused women further.

The national family health survey data shows that 24% of women face domestic violence in 2015 to 2016 not seeing any reduction since 2005 to 2006.

Play the abuse of women is seen very normal between both genders In India and in other countries. In India, according to the data off National Family Health Survey 52% of women and 42% of men think that there is at least one valid reason for wife beating.
Family health surveys data also highlighted that women from the families of lower wealth reported more violence.
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Woman tend to be more affected adversely during epidemic, as there is always a subordination of woman in society.

In April, Malaysia's Women, Family and Community Development Ministry stirred a controversy after it asked women to dress nicely at home and not bother male members of their families during the national lockdown to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. After an outcry on social media, the authorities apologized and withdrew their "recommendations."

In France, domestic violence has risen by 36%, including two cases of femicide, since the beginning of the lockdown. To help tackle this, the government has announced that it will be paying for victims to stay in hotels, whilst pop-up counselling centres will be installed in shops in the hope that women out buying groceries will be able to access them easily.

In the United Kingdom the police are encouraging victims to use what they are calling a silent call: by calling the emergency number 999 and then dialing 55 the police say that they will recognise the call as “a cause for concern”.

In Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morisson announced a 75% rise in Google searches for help since the start of the lockdown. And The government has given a S$142 million boost in funding to tackle domestic violence.


In South Africa, authorities said there were nearly 90,000 reports of violence against women in the first week of a lockdown.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, activists say the killing of women has risen sharply since a stay-at-home order was issued on March 11.
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 lockdowns and quarantines are essential to suppressing COVID-19, but they can trap women with abusive partners.

Many researchers believe the best way to deter abuse is to stop people from becoming abusers in the first place. And several approaches have shown promise.

Broad, cultural messages appear to make a difference—not just what young children see and hear, from their families and neighbours but also from their role models on television and in sports arenas, may have an impact.

What is the solution?

When women and man get employed, domestic violence tend to fall as the interaction between couples reduces.

The atmosphere of fear, uncertainty, food in security, and unemployment created the feelings of inadequacy in men, however, everyone feels the same during the time of social stress. This is the inability of men to handle his emotion which hampers the peace of women.

Men dominated world really needs psychological counselling at school level that beating wife, woman or daughter does not prove the masculinity instead it shows that one is ‘unable’ and weak to handle the time of crisis.

Women also discouraged socially to complaint against the men in police, therefore, there are women who never expose the husband in case of domestic violence until the violence is constant and unbearable. Therefore, encourage women to speak against the violence.
In short term, the government should open more helpline for women, and arrange the shelter homes for women to have mobility.

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