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Bear Bile Farming- Why it is abusive for animals?

 Bear – Bile -  Farming

When we hear farming, we usually relate to the production of the crop, while farming does not stop here. Can you even think of the farming of Bears? The conditions they face and why are they farmed and where?


Courtesy- Moon bear Bluebelle endured this tiny cage for years | Flickr

What is Bear Bile Farming?

Bear Bile Farming is a legal practice in China and also practiced in Southeast Asia. As per animal rights organizations like These bears are kept permanently in cased and sometimes the cages are very small. The abuse these animals face, we can not mention that in few words. There were some pictures published by the animal rights organisations.

Since when it started?

The Bear bile has been used in China for medicinal use for thousands of years but  China started officially in 1980. It was a commercial practice because of the demand of ‘ bile’ for medical use. Farmed bears are kept in cages alive and bile is extracted from their gall bladder.

The bile of bear contains – ursodeoxycholic acid. It is useful for the treatment of hemorrhoids, sore throats, bruising, sprains, epilepsy, improving the eyesight’s and even reducing the effects of overconsumption of alcohol.

This bile even is capable of dissolving the gallstone and treating liver disease.

How much does it cost?

The bear bile is expensive, as animals are farmed in cages. As per sources available on the various website it might be costing $240 for one kilogram, and for the wild bear $15730 per Kilogram.

Ethical Issue: Animal Abuse

Years the abuse of these animals were not enough that China promoted bear bile as a coronavirus treatment. China’s wildlife protection laws consider animals as a resource for human benefit.

In 2016, China even legitimized the commercial use of wildlife.

Is there an alternative to bear bile?

The good news is- there are more than 50 alternatives available as an alternative of bear bile.

A complete booklet was promoted ‘ Herbal Alternatives to Bear Bile’ across Vietnam by Five things you need to know about bear bile farming (


Animal farming is inhumane and even is not healthy for humans. How animals are treated in farm – mostly abusive, slaughtered make an impact upon human health.

Animals should have rights. From an ethical point of view - it is unjust to make anyone suffer when there are cruelty-free alternatives available. 

Second, animals play an important role in the ecosystem and for the earth to sustain itself- humanity needs to learn to give space to animals. 

How can you help?

Your voice can help, be vocal about animal rights. For fighting for the cause of bear you can visit the website- 

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