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The World Soil Day


The Importance of Soil

Soil is essential to life on Earth; it provides us with food, supports ecosystems and mitigates climate change.

At times, soil has not received due recognition. To recognize its significance more broadly and commemorate World Soil Day.

On December 5, 2014, Thailand officially marked their Independence Day by marking King Bhumibol Adulyadej's birthday and officially authorizing this inaugural celebration.


What is World Soil Day?


World Soil Day, observed annually on December 5, is designed to draw attention to the vital role that soil plays. It raises awareness about global soil degradation while advocating for sustainable management solutions - its goal being that plants continue to grow and provide sustenance for human population.

International Day of Soil Sciences proposed World Soil Day back in 2002, asking the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to recognize it and encourage people to preserve soil resources. Their request was eventually granted in 2013, and World Soil Day was celebrated for the first time on December 5, 2014.

Dated December 5, this international holiday honors H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej who spearheaded efforts for an Earth Day to recognize soil's crucial role in human lives and our own.

The UN hosts many engaging activities to commemorate World Soil Day, such as a poster contest and book giveaway. These events offer average citizens an excellent way to learn about the value and protection of soil; participants also may participate in soil-friendly challenges, such as planting a tree or building terraces against erosion.


Why is World Soil Day important?


Soil is one of our planet's most precious assets, providing food, water and energy as well as helping mitigate climate change by storing carbon and providing habitats for microorganisms. Unfortunately, soil quality is steadily deteriorating, which necessitates protection measures to preserve its vitality.

Every December 5, World Soil Day emphasizes the significance of healthy soil. The aim is to raise awareness about sustainable management of soil resources and encourage people to take steps towards protecting local soil quality.

World Soil Day began officially being commemorated on May 20, 2014, to coincide with HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand who officially recognized it. Over time, it has grown in popularity among both soil experts and regular people alike.

Soil is crucial in providing plants with essential nutrients, and producing our food sources. Unfortunately, over the past 70 years due to soil degradation our food supplies have seen dramatic reduction in vitamins and nutrients that support life.

World Soil Day is an important observance that emphasizes the necessity of sustainable soil management. This year's World Soil Day theme is: "Soils: Where food begins," and its aim is to raise awareness of healthy soil and motivate individuals to take steps towards protecting it locally.


How can I take part in World Soil Day?


Few natural resources are more essential to our survival than soil, yet many take it for granted. Unfortunately, this has led to the degradation of global soil quality; therefore, more people need to learn about and how best to preserve this resource.

To participate, there are various ways you can participate. Spread awareness about the significance of soil through social media posts; host or attend a workshop/seminar about its health and conservation; compete in soil-friendly challenges with friends or coworkers; visit World Soil Day's official website to gain information about upcoming events, or share ideas of your own through its comments feature; visit its official website to share ideas - then spread it further!

At World Soil Day, a great way to show your support is to visit or volunteer at a community garden. Here, you can get acquainted with your local soil as well as meet its users - people who rely on it for food and other natural resources. Alternatively, planting your own garden or starting a compost pile are both effective ways of improving soil quality in your own community.

Additionally, you can read books or articles about soil health and conservation. This year's World Soil Day theme of "Keep Soil Alive, Protect Soil Biodiversity" emphasizes the role that soil life under our feet plays in supporting healthy ecosystems, food production, as well as providing essential ecosystem services.


What can I do to help?


World Soil Day provides many opportunities for regular people to help the cause. First of all, educating yourself and others on its significance is crucial - books and online resources exist that can aid this effort; becoming informed will ensure you do everything possible to preserve our planet's soil resources.

Contribute to organizations working towards this goal. There are plenty of opportunities available, from volunteering and attending events, to joining social media campaigns that bring awareness about soil conservation.

Finally, you can take steps to protect your own property from soil degradation by employing sustainable farming techniques such as using less chemicals and planting trees that prevent erosion. Furthermore, cutting back on energy consumption and water usage will also help safeguard its protection.

On December 5, 2014, the inaugural World Soil Day was marked with various activities. Celebrities and business tycoons alike came together to commemorate this special event, and this year's theme of World Soil Day is "Caring for our planet starts from the ground"; an ideal way to raise awareness about just how integral soil health is for global wellbeing.

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