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World's Highest Fighter Airfield


World's Highest Fighter Airfield

Nyoma lies on the eastern border of Ladakh, 46 kilometres from China's 3,4888km Line of Actual Control (LAC). Currently, this village contains a basic runway to enable specialized transport aircraft and helicopters to land there.

BRO has decided to modify its runway so as to accommodate fighter jets. This move will significantly strengthen India's air capabilities along its northern borders.

Nyoma Airfield

The Nyoma Airfield will bolster India's strategic military infrastructure in Ladakh. The project will convert an existing Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) in Nyoma village into a full-fledged fighter base, providing significant advantages to India Armed Forces during operations along its border with China.

Defence sources estimate that India will gain strength along its northern borders from this airfield's location less than 50 km from Ladakh's Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. According to these sources, this location represents an important strategic point and will bolster India's presence there.

Nyoma currently features a runway composed of mud that only allows specialised transport aircraft such as Chinook heavy-lift choppers and C-130J special operations aircraft to land. However, when construction on its new airfield begins in 2025 and operations commence between 2026-2027 it will accommodate all forms of fighter aircraft - it will become one of the world's highest airfields that should boost India's capabilities in the region.

Strategic Importance

While much attention is focused on the weapons and nuclear capabilities acquired by power-projecting nations, infrastructure that supports these assets must also be available - airfields with runways for aircraft takeoff and landing are an essential component.

Border Roads Organisation (BRO) is currently developing a new airfield in Ladakh's Nyoma region that will accommodate fighter jets when completed in 2023. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will lay its foundation stone via an online event at Devak Bridge on September 12th.

Existing airstrip features a mud-based runway; once this project is complete, larger transport aircraft and helicopters will be able to land there, significantly expanding India's military reach in a strategic region and increasing India's ability to respond swiftly in any crises along its northern borders with China.


India has shown its commitment to strengthening its defense capabilities in an area of strategic significance by building the world's highest fighter airfield in Nyoma. This project will facilitate swift deployment and rotation of fighter jets within the region for enhanced deterrence.

This facility will also house numerous storage, maintenance and repair facilities to increase operational readiness and increase weapon availability for military operations.

Airfield auxiliary runway features seven helipads to accommodate multiple helicopters--likely Z-15 medium utility aircraft--at the same time. According to satellite images, these new helipads appear connected with an existing SAM base for added defense against aerial attacks on the airfield.

China's investments in Tibet and Xinjiang are strengthening the PLA's ability to project air power throughout these regions, with at least 15 airports or heliports being constructed or upgraded - several being designed specifically for military or dual use purposes.


Positioned strategically in eastern Ladakh's Nyoma region, this high-altitude airfield will accommodate fighter jets such as Rafale and Sukhoi-30MKI to strengthen India's defence capabilities in an area currently experiencing military tension between India and China.

Ladakh Air Infrastructure Development Project will be completed by 2025 and foundation stone was virtually laid by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh during a function near India-China Border in Jammu on September 12th.

At this event, nearly 90 infrastructure projects of Border Roads Organisation (BRO), totalling nearly Rs 2,900 crore, were inaugurated. These included Nechiphu Tunnel in Arunachal Pradesh that will enhance connectivity to Tawang sector; one of world?s highest fighter airfield in Nyoma that will bolster India?s deterrence against China; 

and Nechiphu Tunnel for improving connectivity to strategic Tawang sector and one of world's highest fighter airfield in Nyoma which will enhance India?s deterrence against China since Galwan Valley clashes occurred. These high altitude airfield will significantly enhance IAF operational and logistical capabilities on treacherous terrain.

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