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NGO's and Their Role in developing world

NGOs- NGO’s are the nongovernmental organizations which work for the specific purpose of social welfare. Sometimes NGO’s can be international. In the recent decades, the role of NGO’s has grown significant to deliver services in tribal or backward areas. NGO are mostly non profit in nature. Women NGO – NGO working groups for women are called as WOMAN NGO which have played significant role in countries like TANZANIA and India. Download free Android App
Benefits and Role of NGO’s
1.      Delivering basic services like Water, Sanitation and electricity in remote areas. 
2.      Improving health Services
3.      Helping in establishing microenterprises
4.      They help community based organizations
5.      NGO’s can conduct a survey 
6.      NGO’s can implement community development projects — such as health services, adult literacy and child care
7.      They negotiated subsidies, fair pricing and flexible terms of payment with utilities on behalf of marginalised people in some countries
8.      They arranged access to loans from microfinance institutions for households that could not cover the cost of water or electricity connections in countries like India
9.      The NGOs also educated stakeholders about the realities of life for the urban poor, and shared lessons learned in one urban area with NGOs in other cities in India.
What is ahead- A formal contract or MoU should be signed with NGO’s so that they understand their responsibilities and areas to work upon. 
Conclusion- NGO’s can touch the issues which are left unaddressed by the governments or where the reach of government remains limited. They can lead to a better society because of the efforts done at ground level certainly makes a change in society. Governments of different countries and developing countries should come ahead to help the government to lift the weaker sections of society. NGO’s can help in tackling with climate change as well. So, the role of NGO’s is not restricted to one dimension.