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North Korea: UN Imposes Sanctions Uninamously

North Korea has been isolated trouble maker in recent years, where US and North Korean Conflict brought entire world at the stage of war. A situation which could lead to destruction soon. However recent United Nations efforts collectively seem a bit hopeful.DOWNLOAD ANDROID APP
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What were reasons to impose sanctions against North Korea?
- Rising Suspicion against North Korea's weapon testing
- Charges against North Korea for cyber attacking the world through a ransomware - "WannaCry"
- Pyongyang launched Inter Continental Ballistic Missile in November 2017
- North Korean Regime's claim that it could deliver the nuclear Warheads.
- In September North Korea Claimed to be tested the Hydrogen Bomb.

Sanctions Imposed-
1-  89% curb on refined petroleum products import into North Korea
2- Stringent Inspections of ships transferring fuel to the Country

Importance of these sanction -
First time unanimously sanctions were imposed by United Nations which Included Russia and China. These countries believed in diplomatic negotiations to end the conflicts.
Sanctions are to halt Nuclear Programmes and start disarmament negotiations
These sanctions also narrowed down a scope for US to use of Military Power against North Korea
P5  Nations+ North Korea would carry the negotiations forward and this seems a realist solution.
As earlier in case of Iran, P5+ Germany
led to successful negotiations, so there is a hope for diplomatic talks with North Korea.

Conclusion- Big nations should abstain from using military forces and should emphasise on Diplomatic relations and solutions should be achieved through diplomatic negotiations. War and instability causes more harm to the world in long run.

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