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Abortion Rights and Medical Termination of Preganacy Bill

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 Introduction-   Third leading cause of maternal deaths is illegal abortions in India. The medical interpretation of abortion law suggests that the woman has no rights to her sexuality and reproductive rights.

The supreme court ‘s decisions that up to 20 weeks pregnancy can be terminated in mentioned conditions while post 21 weeks pregnancy can be terminated only if there is a serious danger to the mother’s life or likelihood of physical or mental abnormalities to the child.
Some women who are facing the abuse of domestic violence and want to pursue their career, rape victims, also are not spared and these women struggle more. For termination such pregnancies one has to go to the court and it passes the pregnancy time often .

What can be done?

Medical Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2014-    
It has been introduced but still did not pass. The bill would have addressed certain issues like

-          Permissible limit for pregnancy termination is 24 weeks

-          More than 24 weeks if the child has abnormalities

-          The word married will be taken out as any women for opts for abortion for a reason she could chose not to disclose.

Some problems/ criticism  associated with it-
Medical termination of pregnancies could encourage sex determinations through selective abortion. However there are enough provisions under the pre conception and pre natal diagnosis techniques
Conclusion- Passing of MTP 2014 will be empowering for woman, and it would prevent many sense less deaths through illegal abortions.