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Afghanistan and the world

Afghanistan lies in the central Asia and the place is strategically important for India as well as the world. There are three powers – First, Elected Government which is trying hard to build the democracy. Second Taliban- it has various sub types of it. Taliban is a terrorist organization and their agenda remains against the world peace. Third group which took hold after getting defeated from Iraq and Syria named as Islamic State has grown more and their recruitment and network is stronger.

What are the Present challenges/ Situations Afghanistan?

1.      Civil war has brought a variety of social ills in Afghanistan, such as poverty, interethnic strife, inequality of women, and widespread thievery, kidnapping, and banditry. Blood feuds handed down through generations are legendary, and revenge is regarded as a necessary redress of wrongs. The civil war has strengthened these tendencies.

2.      The ongoing civil war had continued to kill, wound, and displace hundreds of thousands of civilians. Kabul has been largely without electricity since 1994.

3.      Water, phones, and sewage systems have been destroyed. Years of war have separated and impoverished extended families that traditionally cared for widows and fatherless children. Now many are left to fend for themselves.

4.      Some provinces began experiencing famine in the 1990s and diseases of malnutrition are being reported for the first time in decades. 

Afghanistan does not have strong government. The more money government tries to spend in this environment, which has very limited human resources and institutional capacity, inevitably money overflows into the pockets of corrupt officials. Aid programs are actually fueling the corruption, which is de-legitimizing the government, which is fueling instability.

5.      There are different groups which are operating on its territory like Taliban. There are various version of Taliban which are going on. When government wants to negotiate they are not often able to negotiate with groups collectively.

6.      Islamic state also got a strong network in Afghanistan 

A Way Ahead

1.      There is need a clear plan for transition. When US invaded Afghanistan and attacked Taliban, it was left without further plans.

2.      The military should have civil-military war plans.

3.      The quality of Police Services and Afghanistan Security Forces has to be improved.

4.      International community should have clear picture of the need for new forms of transition aid, how it will deal with the Afghan government’s request for transition aid, or what level of aid will be forthcoming.

5.      There should be clear picture of Peace negotiations.

6.      Reduction in tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan may help.