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Screen Dependecy Disorder : Public Health Concern.

Introduction - According to a study published in Journal of the International Child Neurology Association (JICNA) in 2017, Screen Dependency Disorders have become new challenge for child neurology. The World Health Organization also included ‘Gaming Disorder’ as a mental health conditions.
Use of Technology-  Due to increased use of Mobiles, Internet, Television, Gaming and Social networking sites access to technology has increased. Children, adolescents, and adult everyone is affected with the technology. The concern is that people are unaware and do not look for treatment.  
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What can be consequences?-  Technology has entered into every aspect of human life and there some disorders like SDD or Screen Dependency Disorder,  IAD or Internet Addiction Disorder, Gaming disorders are on rise.
How does it impact on brain?- Due to these disorders there can be various neuro-genetic issues, abnormal neural tissues and Neural functions.
How does it impact upon the health?- Routine gets impacted which disturbs the rythemic clock of body and people can have sleep disorders, hampered diet routine, over weight, weightloss and many other disturbing things can happen.
What can be psychological impact?- Psychologically social interaction is important which is impacted due to too much gaming and it has negative impacts upon mental health. The grey matter and white matter starts reducing in brain.
This can have a brain damage possibility as well.  
How to prevent it?
It is vital for young parents to be aware of such scenarios and they should be innovative in diverting children’s attention from phone.
Healthy outdoor plays should be encouraged on regular basis.
Institutions like SHUT ( Services for healthy Use of technology) cliniks should be accessible in areas.