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Mexico: Challanges and Opportunities for President Lopez Obrador

The Mexican Country

Introduction- Mexico shares border with America and the location is shared in map given in red.
In the presidential election concluded in July, 2018, the victory of  López Obrador was certain.  The outgoing president Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto faced allegations of corruption.

What is the Present challenges/ Situations of Mexico?
1.     Mexico’s outgoing president’s rule has allegation of poll finance irregularities and stalling of an inquiry into a separate bribery scandal
2.     The country has huge problem of corruption
3.     Mexico has ongoing strained relations from United States of America due to migrants.
4.     The rising number of inequality and unemployment remains huge concern for the government.

Positive in economy --
·        Being a part of North American Free Trade Agreement, the country has emerged as global supply chain
·        Mexico has gained market friendly image in recent years
·        Mexico has been receiving remarkable foreign direct investment as well.

A way Ahead-- Mr. Lopez Obrador may see merit in balancing the ‘interest of business with socio economic agenda’.  He has been strong left wing and anti-establishment politician. Sorting out the contentious issues with US, and ignoring the populism is suggested.