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Environment Impact Assessment - Its importance

What is going on?

Major cities of India are facing the problem of re-development, and re- urbanization. The most important aspect remains that providing citizens a better environment. To prevent cities from being more polluted, the process of EIA- Environmental Impact Assessment process is needed. The report of EIA is critical component of India’s environmental decision making process. The reason behind the EIA is that it provides the detailed study of potential impacts of proposed projects.

Importance - In today’s world the challenge is to protect “Environment degradation”. Often protection strategies come into conflict with the society.  
Picture-1- The Environmental Impact Assessment has these vital components. 

These reports are helpful for environment ministry’s decision making process. Not only that these reports are important to define and understand the measures to regulate projects.

These assessments should be on scientific lines, and the law makes it mandatory the engagement of an accredited independent EIA consultant to undertake the study.

Gaps and errors
Sometimes there are missing or misleading information is provided which understate the potential impact of these projects.
The report sometimes does not assess detailed impact analysis
Sometimes the report ignores many archaeological and cultural heritage sites that may be affected by construction.

EIA based approvals for most projects also involve the process of conducting public hearings. This is because the view and opinions of people who are likely to be affected can be considered before deciding project to be approved. 
The environment can not be ignored, and the government agencies society included should understand the importance of it. The mechanism should involve all vital component as shown in the picture- 1

Due to some incidents of gaps and errors, the credibility of the assessment would be threatened.  Every incident, where gaps are found, should be taken seriously and addressed in rightful manner. 
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