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Pandemic Influenza - Horizon 2020

The Present and a look back- The one among the important aspect of human life remains the health. The sustainable goal number 3- To ensure health and wellbeing for all also highlights the importance of Human Health.

Human beings are evolving, so the viruses, bacteria and other animals. The future carries a huge risk of ‘influenza pandemics’. 
Influenza Pandemics are often caused by virus, and spread across the globe affecting the large group of population. However, there is no regularity about it.

Some examples of influenza pandemic are- Spanish Flu, Ebola virus. 
A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates (copies) itself inside a living cell of other organisms. Virus can infect almost all types of life forms. 

What governments do?

As a proactive approach, the governments try to develop a basic vaccination for such global crises so that population can be saved.

Horizon2020- European Government and Indian government have tied up for this project to tackle the ‘influenza pandemics’. In this research program, there will be development of next generation Influenza vaccine.

Under this project, cost effective and affordable vaccine will be developed.

The aim is at advancing the efficacy, safety and duration of immunity, and reactivity against an increased breadth of influenza strains.

In these consortia there will be minimum three applicants from Europe, and three applicants from India. However, it remains open to the world.