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Human in Space- Mission

What is Human in Space Program?

Human in Space Program was ‘conceptualize’ by India in 2004.  According to this, Indian Space Research Organization has to develop and launch two- person’s crew to low Earth Orbit(LEO) on a vehicle called as Gaganyaan. The crew flight is announced to go in 2022 on GSLV –III rocket.


What is Gaganyaan?


Gaganyaan is the name of three ton spaceship which can carry a three member crew to Orbit and safely return to Earth After a mission duration up to two days. The extended version of Gaganyaan will fly up to seven days. 


The history and Struggles:

One among the largest population of the world resides in India, among those only Rakesh Sharma could go to space flight in 1984 on Russian Mission. 
During Russian president Dmitry Medvev’s visit to India in December 2008, MoU was signed that would put Indian in space using Russian Spacecraft in 2013.  The agreement was abandoned in 2010. 
However, ISRO has been working quietly in the background on the development of an astronaut training program. ISRO has MoU with Indian Air Force Institute of Aerospace Medicine to conduct Basic research on human physiological and physiological requirement for human spacecraft crew.
The capsule which carries human would be heavy and special launch vehicle which is made in India GSLV –III has been ready in the year 2017, yet ISRO demonstrated its ability to launch and recover 600 kilogram module in 2007 itself. Not only ISRO was able to track the navigation of the capsule. This experiment was known as “Space Recovery Experiment”

Why did not India go to Space Missions Up to now?


ISRO did not have its own launch vehicle until the making of GSLV –MK III. The availability of fund was also an issue as funding such projects demands a lot of money. 

Why should India Participate in Human Space Programs?


The world has brutal history of war. The more nations compete and collaborate in science labs, sports, art festivals, business, environmental management; lesser conflicts will lead to battle. 
For example ISS or International Space Station has been inhabited since 2000 and that comes through International collaboration of the nations who are not politically ally. In space humans stand from the Earth not from the nations. 


What can be included?

Every space program first had men than included women after years. India can pave the way for both genders to take in the space together at very first time.