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What is ICARUS?
ICARUS stands for International Cooperation for animal Research Using Space. It will observe Global Migratory Movements of small animals through a satellite system

Why is it important? 
Scientists could not collect the data of small animals and insects on their long journey which is vital to understand their life cycles, habits, and their impacts. 
Various Pathogens may be carried away with their hosts. Lack of knowledge about distribution will be tracked by ICARUS. Animals have evolved and developed better ear and nose sensors.
ICARUS will help us in understanding the life on the earth by giving animals an opportunity to communicate with human kinds.

The Benefits of ICARUS project-
That intelligence which animals have collected can be revolutionary for human use-
The device which helps in tracking the birds
1.      it can prevent disasters as animals have a specific behavior pre disasters,
2.      It can give us information about influenza as various viruses are taken by the hosts and the project tells us even what the small animals are doing.
3.      Ecosystem services can also be provided with the help of gathered data.
4.      Reasons for global changes like habitat shifts, desertification etc can be understood
5.      And reasons for unknown migrants can also be highlighted.

However these services will be on concluding basis of research. The ICRUS will provide two things--
1- The ontogeny of behavioral moments and traits of animals in the wild
2- the selection of acting individual in the wild.

This is made- this is made in collaboration of German and Russian scientists.
ICARUS was launched by astronauts from international space station.