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Oxytocin: The 'Abused' Love Hormone

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Oxytocin is also known as ‘the love hormone’ because levels of Oxytocin increase during hugging and orgasm. It benefits in number of situations like child birth, depression, anxiety, and intestinal problems etc.
The source- The source of Oxytocin is brain. It is produced in Brain’s Hypothalamus. However it can be produced synthetically. In form of injections it is used at different medical needs.
Why is it banned by the government? – It was widely being used by dairy owners. They regularly injected the easily available oxytocin to get milk more quantity and easily. 
Not only that, daily intake of oxytocin among cattle lead to infertility. It also has been linked with mastitis- a painful inflammation of the udder. Milk consumers may be worried about ill effect on their health as it is not clear yet.
Though not much research has done about it on animals yet, one can not turn a blind eye towards it abuse in dairy industry.

Is the banning appropriate? 
Oxytocin is being misused in dairy industry that is true. However, it has certain other benefits. Pregnant women need this synthetic oxytocin during child birth and which is allowed according to World Health Guidelines. 45000 women die due to causes related to child birth, and a ban can temper with figures. 
Therefore the ban is not the answer. 
If only public sector unit will manufacture the drug, it can lead to drug shortage and price hikes. Monopolizing production will not do good with market.
A way ahead- The right approach is to strengthen regulations and crack down on illegal production.