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Water Conservation- Not Enough.

Introduction of Water scarcity:Water scarcity can be defined as lack of sufficient water, or not having access to safe water supplies. Clean water is an essential ingredient of a healthy human life, but 1.2 billion people lack access to clean water.

Acute drought conditions and declining natural water resources remain a growing concern worldwide. States have started fighting over rivers due to water scarcity, and the global war may also be due to it.

What is Drought? - A drought is a condition on an area which is not getting enough rainfall to sustain the life living at that place. Droughts are common all over the world, and there is little can be done to prevent such things from happening.

The concerns-

1. Overuse of water: - Water overuse is a huge issue that a number of people are dealing with. Over use of water can also be due to recreational activities without any concern. Concern about water availability grows as freshwater use continues at unsustainable levels.
 2. Diseases and sanitation issues:- Lack of clean water is the primary source to get diseases. Diseases bring huge economic burden at the same time unproductive population. It also causes mental health issue hazards including depression and anxiety.
 3. Population growth:- In the last 50 years, the human population has doubled. The rapid growth – with its accompanying economic development and industrialization has transformed water ecosystem around the world and resulted in a massive loss of biodiversity. Today 41% of the world’s population lives in river basins that are under water stress.
4. Agriculture:- Agriculture uses 70% of the world’s accessible freshwater, but some 60% of this wasted due to leaky irrigation system. Inefficient application methods as well as the cultivation of crops those are too thirsty for the environment in which they are grown. This unsustainable use of water is drying out rivers, lakes and underground aquifers.

Many countries that produce large amount of food including India, china, Australia, Spain and the US --- have reached or are close to reaching their water resources limits. Added to these thirsty crops are the fact that agriculture also generates considerable freshwater pollution – both through fertilizers as well as pesticides all of which affect both humans and other species.

Conflicts between Natural and Artificial Infrastructure
In this era when the whole world is running after Artificial intelligence, natural resources are going to extinct which take millions of years to be created and it cannot be re-generated. Forest, rivers & mountains are the essential part of the nature and over the years activists, scientist experts and several organization from all over the world working on bottom- up schemes and other water bodies.

 Solution & Conclusion

There has been a lot of work in the world of water conservation, but there is a a lot that needs to be done in order to ensure that the rest of the world is able to conserve water. Government should make several policies to improve practices related to farming. Reservoir system should be executed in drought prone areas where rain water can be stored and can be easily accessible. Indian government has initiated Scheme like Atal Bhujal Yojana to recharge ground water system. The further responsibility of government remains to deliver its objective in time bound manner. The technology can be used to construct large number of sewage system in every city to curb unhygienic surrounding and free from diseases.

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