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The food for thought

Woman is treated in the world as if her lone existence is not possible. I do not understand the reason behind it.  A woman can live alone in terms as a man can, but society does not accept it that well. So, the problem does not exist in the woman but the Society, which is a collective representation of opinions. 

 A woman needs a label of father, or husband every time anywhere she goes. Is she NOT capable of standing alone even if this is 21st century and we are heading towards more humanist and equal world? Women have entered in almost every field including – games, math's, science, body building and armies.

 She is stronger too, but society remains weak in changing attitude. The Society wants a woman to be treated like a domesticated animal. They are raised and brought up for the production of kids, and to do house hold chores. 

If people consider that they are okay with women’s liberty and they do stand for that. Would that be taken in terms of equal freedom? When married, a woman changes her home, leaves everything behind including her name. So, I resist speaking about changing homes, and leaving everything behind. However one thing irks me--- The change in surname. This seems so pathetic like someone transfers property in another’s name.
Now, there are different arguments about it. Women change surname out of love. I know that love has different dimensions like—caring, pampering, standing together, physical pleasure and so on, but no where it resembles with stamps and slavery. 
Changing surname seems like being a property which is transferred in others name from father to husband. This is not a type of love which an independent, self respecting woman will ever want. This may be accepted in terms of being dumb enough where one does not understand that she is raised equal, and has her own existence.

I understand dedication where a woman wants to be addressed by husband’s name, yet what is the problem if she carries her Original name without change. I remember my days where I kept the same thing when I was suggested to get married, the guy felt uncomfortable in the beginning, however the gentleman later understood. 
Changing surname is expected by default when it comes to a woman, but not  for a man. It is a type of bullying, which may be unintentional. If a woman denies these primitive thinking – next comes a suspicion about the love she holds. In all the best lover stories and literature, or in relationship books where does it mentions that changing surname means love?
This is a social stupidity and sickness where love is measured on the ‘cheap’ criteria of Slavery. Nah, This is not the love! 
- Namrata 

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