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The Suicide Rate – Ignored Hazard in India

Suicide is leading cause of death in the age group of 15 to 39 years age group in India. According to the study published by “The Global Burden of Disease” in ‘The Lancet Public Health Journal’ – India accounts for more than a third of global suicide deaths among women. 

India alone represents 37 percent of global deaths, which is higher and dangerous. The women are taking their lives in alarmingly high numbers, and this can be considered as a public emergency, which has been ignored. 
There are emotional reasons which are often indicated when it comes to suicide like – depression, lack of fulfillment of expectations, failed relationships, sexual abuse and harassment, bullying, traumatic events related to one’s self respect, post marriage adjustment related issues , cultural and social issues. 
The denial mode of the society
The depression is still ignored so is the mental health. Due to lack of awareness, the general concept is to deny the importance of mental health. 
Suicide can be prevented only when there is awareness, and given importance to mental health. Suicides are largely preventable, but the society should know that what should be done. 
The state-wise Ratio
The location varied in entire India. The States Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, west Bengal and Tripura had higher suicide rate for both men and women. 
Two states Kerala and Chhattisgarh had higher suicide death rates among men. India also has double global suicide rate (15 in one lakh, while globally there are 7 suicide per one lakh) 
Cultural Norms
Women are thought to be a commodity in Indian culture, and the early marriage is considered a symbol of good parenting among major population, that puts women under pressure. The report suggest that marriage can be the cause for women's suicide. 
Where do men stand?
The suicide rates among men has also not improved. Men also go through personal and social reasons like financial problems and poor health. 
Elderly also committing suicide
Elderly specially above 80 tend to be depressed, socially isolated and functionally disable. Sometimes family mistreat them and sometimes they consider themselves as a burden and commit suicide. 
The issue needs attention and should not be kept aside after reading reports. The depressed youth does not lead to the happy society.