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Uganda Crisis- The dissent must be allowed

The rise of social media and the new generation brought new trend in Uganda, as the President Yoweri Museveni  ruled the country for thirty years.  The politics in Uganda is seen as the place for older people while there was the rise of Bobi wine, who is musician and a member of parliament. 
About Yoweri Museveni

Uganda had long rule of Yoweri Museveni has been apotheosized. Yoweri Museveni has been considered as Nelson Mandela or by labels as “Beacon of Hope” earlier

However, There was incident of crackdown on political dissent last month in Aura, a town in northwestern agenda.

Mr. Museveni has presided over what has been called as “Movement System”, one of which all political candidates are forced to stand as individuals rather than as members of national political parties.  However, there remains a different problem- local issues come to the fore far more than national ones. That means the Uganda’s government was dependent on the support of rural voters who focused on their interest over national interest. 

There is another emerging leader

The rise of Bobi wine represents the yearning for the new Uganda among the country’s youth.   The Bobi wine has been a lot of popular as he opposed that 75 year old age limit for president, he appealed to his supporters to use social media as a voice of them against tax.

The problem

Bobi Wine was recently charged with treason, and this brought protest as Mr. Yoweri was accused of not allowing dissent.  A big protest in support of Bobi Wine was done, however that was also controlled by military. Bobi Wine comes in court appearing very weak and being injured and was granted freedom, that is a serious matter. 
Bobi wine- Not able to walk, appearing weak while appeared in court
A way ahead
For democracy to develop, political leaders should not be treated with brutality while dissenting. In long run the current president Mr. Yoweri Musewani who was once compared to Nelson Mandela, is going to lose the respect nationally and internationally if he suppress the ‘opposition’ leaders.