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Zebrafish - Can repair eyes itself naturally

The Zebrafish has ability to completely regenerate its retina and restore vision after injury, and the signals and genes behind this remarkable feature was discovered by IISER, Mohali.  Soon it will help to understand why humans fail to regenerate the tissues. 
What did they find?
A signaling system named as – sonic hedgehog(shh)- in zebrafish has been reported to aid in developmental and tissue regeneration activities. Impairing (weakening) this signal made 90 percent of Zebrafish embryo exhibit a birth defect called cyclopia.  

Cyclopia is a rare disease where species get ‘an eye’ instead of two. Detail understanding of signaling will provide insight into the rare defect. 
The question?
The question remains when zebrafish can use this signal to repair, Why signaling does not bring retina regeneration in humans?
What happened in lab?
RNA sequencing at various time points post retinal injury to Zebrafish eye. Several other genes were involved,- zic2B, foxn4, mmp9 etc. Zic2b and foxn 4 gener are essential component for development and tissue regeneration, where mmp9 is an enzyme which makes the environment congenial for freshly formed cells. 
When experimented in Mice, Shh protein can easily bind to its respective receptor and turn on the sinalling pathways after an acute ratinal injury. However, it is not as effective as it was for fish. However, the discovery is going to help in self repair after sufficient research.