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Challenges to India’s Electoral Need

Democracy needs courage, character, integrity, and knowledge, which seem diminishing and sometimes on the verge of extinction in the country.  

The soul of democracy lies in the free and fair elections. However, there is abuse of power in every election. Some truths are known to everyone yet everyone remains silent about it like- People are still lured with amenities, alcohol, and money to vote for the candidate, and fake votes are still casted.

Issues, Challenges faced by electoral body
The change in technologies brought different challenges with it like data theft, data harvesting, fake news . These can pose a threat to electoral process in the country.  When these issues prevail, the common man becomes ‘cynical’ about the entire system. 
With the rise of fake news, make believe things, and targeted communication also changes the outcome of any process change, that means outcome may shift towards popular swing rather than a healthy decision. This is potent threat democracy has been facing in today’s time. 
There are not enough laws to curb the use of money during polls, as state funding is not a viable option for India. 
Lack of data, and less intact legal framework is not enough to address the issue. 
Effective use of media and curbing use of fake news and paid news are the areas where poll body should work upon. 
Management of media is need of the hour, however there are multiple dimensions which are needed to be taken into consideration. 
Media practices can be improved by adopting the best media practices around the globe.
The purification of election rolls remains a major and important task before the Election Commission. 
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A Way ahead
Voters should be educated and they need awareness. However, even if some of the voters know the rights, yet due to the powerful people in election- no one dares to speak against the corrupt system. 
Until every citizen is wise, educated and ethically brave – there will be some problems .Adhar card can be associated with Voter id card- to identify the fake voters. Laws should be stringent, and media should be encouraged to tackle the fake , and paid news. 

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