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Leaders will end in jail if they provoke vandalism- Supreme Court

Vandalism and The Loss of Life and Economy

Leaders often provoke followers to protest which leads to vandalism and instigating a mob which often leads to death or loss of public and private property. 

These public properties are built from the tax payer’s money, which government uses for developmental work. 

There have been a series of events in which the properties have been vandalized costing thousands of crore for example during Jat agitation for reservation in Haryana State.

Supreme Court of India’s Ruling

The Leaders of outfit is going to be responsible-Leaders of outfits who instigate a mob to an act of vandalism, which results in death or loss of public and private property, will personally face criminal action and are liable to compensate the victims of the violence, the Supreme Court has said.

The applied Provisions- Each and every person, who was part of the violence, would be booked under Sections 153A (promoting enmity), 295A (deliberate and malicious acts to outrage religious feelings), 298 (intent to wound religious feelings) and, lastly, 495 (mischief) of the Indian Penal Code. The offences would come alive if the call for violence was made through a spokesperson or through social media of a group or by any individual.

In case leader failed to appear in Police Station- He shall be proceeded against, as a suspect and may be declared as absconding offender.

Police is ordered to catch the person red handed.

Calls for setting up Rapid Response Teams to curb mobs

State governments should set up Rapid Response Teams, preferably district-wise, to respond to mob violence, install websites which report instances of mob violence and destruction of public and private properties, special helplines, employ non-lethal crowd-control devices, like water cannons to deter the mob.

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