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Cocain is delivered faster than Pizza in UK - Drug Survey

The Global Drug Survey 
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Global Drug Survey runs the largest drug survey in the world. Over, half of million people have taken part in last 5 years. Global Drug Survey 2019 included 20 languages with partners in over 35 countries.

It aims at helping people to use drugs more safely regardless the legal status of the drug and promoting honest conversation about drug use. The survey includes personal stories of the people to bring change

The Drug Survey for 2019 included following-
  •  The acceptability of psychedelic therapies for mental illness
  •  Psychedelic micro-dosing – the good, the bad and who knows?
  • The impact of cannabis health messages on cannabis use
  • The use of cannabis edibles: the good the bad and the unexpected
  • Fair trade cocaine – would you pay more?
  • How much do you trust your dealer?
  • Drugs, sexual assault and consent?
  •  Drugs the police and fair play around the world
  • What drug is the best value for money
Trends in Alcohol, Cannabis and Opiate use to be studied in India
In the United Kingdom, cocaine is often said to be delivered faster than pizza, and Germans and French are least likely to seek medical attention following alcohol use. These points were highlighted in Global Drug Survey 2018.
The GDS uses, encrypted, online platform to conduct annual anonymous surveys. No IP addresses are collected and the survey is independent of governments.

The GDS 2019

The Global Drug Survey 2019 will probe social issues, and it will also include that how police treat people who use drugs, and the complex problem of Sexual assaults, consent and drug use.

It will also include how cannabis health warning labels might be an important part of drug regulations. It will also include the trust towards the person the drug is obtained from.

A key objective of the survey is to understand how advances in technology are influencing drug use and the complexities such as MDMA (3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), better known as ‘ecstasy,’ and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide).

A 2004 survey by the Union Ministry of Social Justice on the extent and pattern and trends of drug abuse left out women. That study found the prevalence of alcohol use to be 21% and current use of cannabis at 3%. Among the alcohol and cannabis current users, 16% and 25% respectively were dependent

Importance and Significance

Though the survey is unusual, but this is ignored but important area for gaining a better understanding about drug use and behavior associated with it. Such Studies would reveal a different side and aspect of societies which will further a great help in regulations. Not only that- survey can provide a wider insight about the drug use – which further can be used in making drug safely consumed.