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India-US first Intellectual property dialogue- understand all about IP

India – US first intellectual property right dialogue

What is the aim of the dialogue?

The aim of the dialogue is to develop a stronger understanding of uniform IP framework and how to create solutions in a collaborative way. The dialogue recommendations will be shared with both of the governments to deepen strategic cooperation on IP policy.
The discussion by experts from both of the countries during the dialogue included a focus on joint opportunities and challenges related to the whole spectrum of IP, including patent filing, regulatory land space, copyright and infringement technology transfer, and enforcement.

What is intellectual property (IP)?
Intellectual property refers to any item created or innovated by the human’s mind whether it is a piece of artwork, music, a name of a company, image design, writing or anything.  So that innovation is treated as a property. The innovator has exclusive rights on that innovation, and there are rights which protect that innovation. At global level a some times two countries sign agreement in order to protect that innovation from being copied illegally. 

 There are five primary categories of IP

-         Trade secret

-         Copyright

-         Trademark

-         Patent
-      Industrial Design 
Violation of IP
If a third party were to assumed ownership, copy, or sell someone’s copy written work,           that would legally be considered a case of copyright infringement.
For example- Nike shoes company originated from USA and in India any company                start selling a copy of Nike shoes in cheap prices secretly. So in this case Intellectual                property rights are violating.
It means a violation of intellectual property can be a huge concern for a business due to           the fact that intellectual property can be valuable part of a company’s marketing strategy,       product or services, intellectual property is an extremely important part of a business.

The concept of Intellectual property
Copyright laws have roots in eighteenth-century English Law. Comprehensive patent laws     can be traced to seventeenth-century in England, and then they have been a part of U.S.       law since the colonial period. The copyright and patent concepts were both included in the   U.S constitution. Under Article I, section 8, of the constitution, “the congress shall have   power... to promote the progress of science and useful Arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive Right to their respective writings and discoveries. The first TRADENARK LAWS were passed by congress in the late nineteenth century, and they derive their constitutional authority from the commerce clause

What are IP laws in India?
Indian government approved its first intellectual property rights policy in May 2016.  The copyright Act 1957, amended by the copyright amendment act 2012, governs the subject of copyright law in India.
“India trade work law” statutorily protects trademarks as per the Trademark Act, 1999 and also under the common law remedy of passing off. Statutory protection of trademark is administered by the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks, a government agency which reports to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

How India can get benefit from the IP bilateral dialogue?
India has an opportunity to get ahead and form the basis on which it can drive domestic growth and be an engine for global economic growth. If India succeeds in becoming a leader in the global knowledge economy, US industries will also benefit. Both nations can contribute to the success and get benefits from the success.

The US-India relationship has significant geo-economic and geo-political significance and the levels of exchange continue to be an upwards trajectory.

US-India business council
Formed in 1975 at the request of the US and India government, the US-India business council is business advocacy organization comprised of 350 top-tier US and Indian private companies advancing US-India commercial ties to enhance investment flows. The organization serves as direct link between business and government leaders, resulting in increased trade and investment to strengthen ties between the two nations.