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Understanding the Pulwama to Balakot

India did air strike and attacked Jaish’s Key terror training camps at Balakot.  That was a response of ‘Pulwama Attack’. 
The counter action against Pulwama attack was not limited to air strike, India also launched a diplomatic offensive against Pakistan, a crackdown on sympathisers and supporters of Pakistan- based terror organisation the Hurriyat as well.
 India also arrested several Jamaat leaders of the Kashmir Valley.  

Who are Jamaat Leaders of Jammu and Kashmir?

Jamaat – e- Islami Jammu and Kashmir is a socio- religious political party. It was founded before partition in 1942.  This party is more inclined towards Pakistan. The Kashmir Valley’s largest indigenous outfit Hizbul Mujahideen called itself ‘the armed wing of Jamaat’.

Indian government sees the Jamaat ideology as a reason for inspiration of militancy in the state. 

Pulwama Attack of 14 February 2019

40 CRPF personnel’s were killed in a terrorist attack in Pulwama District of Kashmir. The attack meant to escalate tensions and polarize the country.

Details even indicated that a sports utility vehicle laden with a huge quantity of explosives targeted the convoy of 78 buses carrying about 2,500 soldiers from Jammu to Kashmir.

The video of the presumed suicide bomber too hints that operating procedure meant to provoke and escalate tensions.

The role of Jaish- e- Mohammed

Kashmir is at stake, and this terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed attack numerous times in Kashmir. The group has taken responsibilities for the attack of Pulwama, which was one among the brutal attacks.

The Suicide – Bombers

More detailed will be revealed post investigation, yet the visible truth is that – it was done by a suicide bomber. Obviously provoked, brainwashed and trained by Jaish-e- Mohammed.

Present Leader Masood Azhar- The mastermind of terror 

Indian intelligence agencies always find Masood Azhar to be linked with attacks in India. However, Pakistan remains silent on it.
Pakistan can’t always be silent on Jaish-e-Mohammed. Pakistan bears a lot to explain why Masood Azhar, the leader of the Jaish-e-Mohammed, enjoys such freedoms on its territory, without the support from the establishment.

For sure, Pakistan and China diplomatically backed and defeated India’s efforts to declare Azhar on the list of banned terrorists in United Nations. 

Intelligence Agencies need to be stronger

The attack has raised on intelligence gathering, dissemination and coordination in the Valley must be pieced together. Intelligence agencies should be alert as the youth is being brainwashed in the Valley. 

India’s Economic actions

India has withdrawn the Most Favoured Nation status to Pakistan in a signal that it will not wait for preliminaries in the effort to isolate Pakistan. Coercive diplomacy is likely to continue, but to be effective the effort needs a wider net, especially at a time when the U.S. is seeking Pakistan’s help in firming up a deal with the Afghan Taliban.

Beijing too must not, and cannot, evade questions about its previous blocking of action at the UN, specifically against Azhar. 

What should be done?

Instead, the effort must be to isolate Pakistan for its support to the Jaish and seek substantive action, to effectively upgrade intelligence and plug security gaps, and to win the confidence of the local population in the Valley.

The Pulwama attack was meant to provoke and polarise the country, and every decision should be taken against terrorism but promoting peace at the same time in the country.

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