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The Benefits of Going Green for Your Health and Happiness


The Benefits of Going Green for Your Health and Happiness


Green living involves adopting sustainable habits and using eco-friendly products, such as eating organic food, purchasing reusable shopping bags and using energy efficient light bulbs. Furthermore, supporting local businesses and carpooling when possible are also integral aspects of green living.


Going green reduces pollution and protects natural resources, leading to a healthier environment and making for a better life for you. This article brings the benefits for going green and how you can do it?


1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Your carbon footprint refers to the total greenhouse gas emissions produced from car, bus and train travel as well as household energy use and food consumption.


Attaining lower carbon emissions by choosing locally grown organic food and eating seasonally. Avoiding meat and processed food products is also recommended, while increasing vegetable, fruit and bean consumption has an even lower carbon footprint than beef or other high emission meat products.


Other ways of lowering your carbon footprint include using reusable containers, cutting down on paper use, recycling and not overusing water (for instance by turning off the tap when brushing your teeth). The goal should be making small changes that add up over time and help save the planet.


2. Reduce Your EMF Toxins


As humans have become reliant on devices that emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs), we've become exposed to EMF radiation on an everyday basis. While it is impossible to completely avoid EMF exposure without living off-grid or living a simple life in nature, there are ways you and your children can reduce exposure in daily life.


Assumptions about being "green" include wearing hair shirts and hugging trees while eating mung beans are commonly held to be false; but in actuality going green can be done in small ways while still enjoying modern conveniences.


 By making green choices like purchasing organic products, using energy efficient appliances and light bulbs and recycling you can make an enormous difference and help to decrease environmental impacts while protecting our world for future generations.



3. Get Rid of Stress


Greener living may seem costly at first glance, but in actuality can help save you money over time. Switching to more energy-efficient appliances or reusable water bottles will lower your electricity and water bills significantly.


Eating a plant-based diet also helps protect you from exposure to toxins generated from conventional farming practices that contribute to environmental pollution, which could potentially cause allergies, fatigue and reduced immunity.


Time spent outdoors can also have significant benefits for mental health. Studies have demonstrated how looking out at nature can boost productivity and help focus on tasks more easily. Even taking short breaks to look out on your backyard garden could make a positive difference!


4. Improve Your Diet


Modifying your diet by including more organic food, plant-based products and reusable containers is one of the easiest and healthiest green practices you can adopt. Eating more leafy green vegetables provides lots of fiber that benefits digestive health.


Add fermented foods, like sauerkraut, kimchi and miso which contain probiotics for improved digestive health and shown to decrease symptoms of IBS to your diet for added benefits.


Solar energy can also help you live green, and though this requires an initial larger investment, in the long run you'll save both money and carbon emissions by switching.



6. Increase Your Energy Levels


As 2019 approaches, many are searching for natural ways to boost their energy. Instead of reaching for caffeine or the latest energy-boosting fads, try these healthy tips for naturally enhancing your energy.


Green living can also benefit your mental health, with studies showing that children raised in environments rich with green space are less likely to develop psychiatric disorders later on in life.


Going green can save you money. By reducing your carbon footprint, using eco-friendly cleaning products and eating locally grown organic produce, you can help to lower household bills - meaning more money for spending on things that matter to you!


7. Improve Your Mental Health


Use of green products and an eco-friendly lifestyle can significantly boost mental health. This is because less reliance will be placed upon cars and other energy sources, leaving more time and resources to focus on your mental wellbeing. Plus, living more active can help get in better shape faster while feeling healthier overall.


Going green can save money in the long run. Switching to solar energy at home, for instance, could reduce utility bills while potentially cutting life insurance premiums as well.


An additional way to save money and reduce pesticide exposure is purchasing local, organic foods. Studies have found that children raised near green spaces tend to experience less psychiatric disorders.



8. Feel Better About Yourself


Common belief holds that going green means giving up modern conveniences, but that couldn't be further from the truth. By purchasing recycled products and supporting sustainable businesses you can live an eco-friendlier life while maintaining all the amenities that have become part of everyday life.


Your efforts will also save money on bills and provide longer-lasting products, while helping reduce chemical levels in the air and allow your family to breathe cleaner, healthier air.


Eating organic foods and taking part in activities such as growing your own vegetables will leave you feeling great about yourself. In fact, a recent study concluded that taking environmental actions such as reducing food waste or purchasing eco-friendly products increases happiness levels.

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