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Sangam: Revolutionizing Infrastructure Through Digital Twins

The Department of Telecommunications's Sangam: Revolutionizing Infrastructure through Digital Twins initiative seeks Expressions of Interest from industry pioneers, startups, MSMEs, academia, innovators and forward-thinkers. This groundbreaking venture seeks to transform infrastructure planning with digital twin technology for real-time monitoring, simulation and analysis for experimental iterations and feedback loops towards optimal results.

How does Sangam help?

Sangam is a collaborative initiative to revolutionise infrastructure planning and design through cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, IoT, AI, VR/AR, Digital Twins and next-generation computational technologies. By breaking silos and taking an inclusive whole-of-nation approach combining public entities, infrastructure planners, tech giants and startups with cloud computing to establish virtual replicas of physical assets for real time monitoring simulation and analysis - Sangam provides the chance for collaboration to take place at unprecedented scale across India.

Sangam: Digital Twin" initiative invites expressions of interest from tech pioneers, entrepreneurs, startups and innovators in order to realize its full potential and facilitate practical demonstrations that may serve as blueprints for scaling and replicating successful strategies in infrastructure projects. A two-stage proof-of-concept is also planned.

What are the benefits of Sangam?

Sangam is an inclusive platform that facilitates collaboration, encouraging diverse stakeholders to work towards innovative solutions together. Here, public entities, infrastructure planners, tech titans, and academic institutions come together on one single platform and harness collective intelligence to overcome shared challenges and take advantage of new opportunities - this holistic approach fosters innovation while contributing to sustainable development.

Sangam combines cutting-edge technologies to streamline infrastructure planning and design processes to achieve optimal outcomes. Employing Digital Twin technology, it creates virtual replicas of physical assets for monitoring and simulation purposes allowing iterative experimentation with feedback loops for adaptive results. Sangam also leverages next-gen computational technologies like 5G, IoT, AI, AR/VR technology for greater insights into complex systems.

Sangam enables city planners to use data and analytics to enhance urban sustainability and efficiency by optimizing resource management, minimizing environmental impact, and improving citizen services with efficient low-latency connectivity and providing a superior overall experience.

The Department of Telecommunications invites industry pioneers, startups, MSMEs, academia, innovators and forward-thinkers to take part in its "Sangam: Revolutionizing Infrastructure through Digital Twins" outreach program. Comprised of two stages -- exploratory activities and creative exploration followed by practical demonstrations -- it aims to accelerate adoption of innovative planning solutions designed to transform India's infrastructure landscape through collaborative planning solutions.

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