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Special Dose -- Look at some controversies around!

Sabarimala’s Temple - Sabarimala’s Temple is situated in Periyar Tiger Reserve of Kerala.

Economically it attracts a large number of religious devotees. It was built in 12th Century by Manikandan, a prince of Pandalam Dynasty. Manikandan meditated in Sabarimala Temple after he constructed it. He is claimed to be an avatar of Lord Ayyappan. People who read history can relate that during 12th Century there were attacks of Mohammad of Ghor or Mohammad Ghori, who defeated that time Hindu King- Prithavi Raj Chauhan in 1192 in the second battle of Tarain. Due to this since 1206 - India was officially under the Muslim Rulers. Indeed, right at the time when hindu god incarnated. what was the purpose of the birth? The god was born- just to create a temple and meditate to contemplate in isolation, and for this isolation he was supposed to be worshipped even after 1000 years later. Or perhaps to abstain from the sex (which if he was not born would have been easy). Or may be to teach that time problem was not war, or dying religious devotees, conversion to other religion, but the Sex. Or he took birth – not to protect, not to say or teach anything but to build a temple for him and teach more about misogynist mindset. 

Rules of Temples- Devotees have to follow the strict rules for 41 days, as this number somehow defeats women in purity. According to almost every religion -Woman tends to be impure when she menstruate  in every 30 days between age of 10 to 50 years for the purpose of giving birth to the (same) people who can grow up and say that how impure the woman is. 

Devotees have to be vegetarian for this period of time as well. When the almighty god was creating universe- he forgot to create totally vegetarian world. The world is a playground, and as the god was getting bored so he created ‘human beings, animals and trees’. The rule was simple and so kind- everyone has to eat another in order to survive. So, while visiting his temple, one should take care of this sentiment of god- as somehow he regrets about it perhaps. Trees are fine to be eaten as when god was creating universe- Professor Jagdeesh Chandra Basu also did not give his research that Trees were as alive as human being.

Devotees have to wear blue/ black- as the god Shani hates other colors, and loves only these two colors. He is a god but strongly hates those who wear other colors too, and he troubles them. So, there was a deal between Lord Ayyappa and Shani Dev that people who wear only these colors will never face troubles. So much easy to be pleased- So much childlike Shani god, I find it cute that being god also it hurts sentiments over colors.

Devotees do not even shave and sleep over floor, as god took it personal that one took care of himself. He does not want you to help someone to get food, education and become gender neutral but miserable. Devotees should not look good and should not get sleep properly- which scientifically may lead to depression, but who cares for the fact. The world is all about sentiments.

The Court, the Temple, the Government and Devotees-

In 1991, Justice K Paripoornan and Justice K balanarayana Marar of The Kerala High Court banned the entry for women between the ages of 10 to 50. The judicial system has been evolving from prejudices with the time and in 2018, The Supreme Court observed that-,”Women have the constitutional right to equal access to public places of worship to pray”.

The temples, and all support groups of temples very predictably have to be against it. This is what religious orthodox do. They hate change- as when electricity was created and distributed- that time church was against it. They said that the god created day and night being unaware that the days and nights are due to rotations and species including humans have evolved according to the atmosphere in order to survive. This is called as adaptability, yet again- Religious people read only one book and they are confidently super intelligent.

Devotees- The group which was fighting for the right of the stone statue against the rights of a live human being also argued that the god has right to life.  I have heard that love makes one blind, but so much irrational? I get it totally.

The government is democratically elected, and the game is all about votes. These votes have to be obtained from the same people who are against women’s entry in spite of their religion. The most common ground – Which all religions have - Women is impure while bleeding.

-          Namrata

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