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The need of Critical Thinking.

Disagreements, criticism and debate remain inevitable part of human growth. In societies where criticism and disagreements are not promoted those society become tyrannical.  
Why to disagree and how?
Disagreement and critical analysis often misunderstood as a tendency of ‘Finding fault’ which is totally assumption. In the name of respect we Indians often kill the curiosity of younger generations as well as we tend to generate a blind faith. This blind faith may not be religious but found everywhere,-“Ancestors and elders are always right. Have respect for them”.

This tendency does not leave for politicians, spiritual gurus, and almost everyone. That is the reason India- my motherland is having lootera – Spritual Gurus, Some of the Corrupt Politicians, and ignorant crowd. Because, the people don’t learn to disagree.

Disagreements Meant war?
This is not assumption, due to this overdose of respect- disagreements  are ignored. Asking questions is important in order to enhance the critical thinking which leads to better results and conclusions. However, most of ours brains go without opinion, without purpose.

Importance of Critical Thinking. 

--The critical thinking is necessary to get intellectual minds. Critical thinking is an attribute of great minds.

-- C
ritical thinking includes various possible dimensions while blind faith has limited dimensions. 

-- Critical thinkers are able to make better strategic and more effective decisions based on evidence in front of them, not what  they're told but others or assumption they made.

-- Critical thinking is more than just a concept, it is a real life model upon which anyone can built successful and efficient problem solving skills, skills that prove highly valuable in the workplace and beyond.

-- Critical thinking is a system that is often misjudged as criticism, but rather it focuses on the ability to follow logical steps and arrive at decisive and appropriate conclusion